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There are now more than 70 volunteer babies in this project. Thank you to those who gets involved. I hope the final result will be a good one!! (11th March 2013)

the me project

I've always been fascinated by seeing historic pictures of a place compared to what it looks like now. Those pictures always give me a stronger intuitive perception of "time" than what a videography can provide. Still images become alive and that always excites me.

Same interest applies to people. I started photographing Niamh in 2006 when she was only one week old. Each year, at around her birthday, I took one picture of her holding the picture taken from the previous year. Niamh is five years old now (2011). And by looking at these pictures we not only see how her physical look changes during the year, but also her personality grows as well.

For this project I intend to photograph as many new born babies as possible from varies ethical and cultural backgrounds. Then each year at around your baby's birthday I'll photograph another picture just like how I photographed Niamh. At the moment I'm planning to work on this project for the next 5 years and hopefully the final collections of pictures will form an exhibition or possibly a book.

If you would like your new born baby to participate in this project, please contact me on:

Thanks for your participation.

David Chang


How it works:

Every year at around your baby's birthday I'll come to your place to take a picture of the baby (it won't take more than 15 minutes). And I'll prepare a print of a picture taken from the previous year for them to hold. There will be no money involved for the photo shoot. By doing the photo shoot, I'll have your permission to use the pictures in the future for the exhibition of "the my project" and/or publication of books regarding to this project. In return, I'll make you a print of a picture every year for you to keep.

Due to limited budget for this project, I can only travel to take pictures of babies in South Yorkshire region (I'm based in Sheffield). If you leave outside of south Yorkshire region but still want to participate in this project, please contact me and perhaps we can find a way to do it.

David Chang 1st July 2011

The newest picture of Niamh taken in January 2012.

David Chang 27th February 2012

Thanks to Colin Drury for the feathure article of this project published on The Star newspaper on the 27th February 2012. A digital copy of this article can be read here:

David Chang 27th February 2012

This project is supported by Lucy Atkinson at BabyCalm Sheffield

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